Or, 'How to choose a band that your guests will love'


The right band can turn a good night into an amazing night, but with so many bands out there, it's hard to choose the right one.

To make your decision easier, here are some simple questions you should ask any band that you're considering hiring:

1. Do the musicians who will perform at my event play together regularly?

This one is really important. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: some wedding bands can play at multiple events in a single evening. How? Because they draw their lineups from a massive pool of musicians.


Why does this matter? Let's say you go to a band's showcase night. They sound great, so you book them. The managers then put a band together from their pool of musicians. This means that you are not actually getting the band that you hired. Your event could even be the first time some of the musicians have played together.

Not only can the quality of the sound can vary wildly, the musicians may not all know the same songs, so they spend time during your event figuring out what to play and how to play it.

It's not worth the risk. I would always go with a band that has a stable lineup.

Polysonic has a stable, 5-piece lineup. We have 2-3 backup musicians in case of emergency, but everyone is thoroughly rehearsed. We also work out our song list for each event well in advance.

2. Do you play our preferred style of music?

It's an obvious one, but definitely in the top four! If you're looking for jazz, that's not really our area.

However, if you prefer the most popular songs of the 80s, 90s and 00s, then you've come to the right place. We can't think of any bands who do these hits better than us!

3. What sort of PA system do you provide?

Every wedding band will include a PA system of some description. Some bands provide a basic system--two 12-inch (or possibly 15-inch) speakers primarily used for vocals. The instruments will often run through separate amplifiers. It's not a bad system, but it can make it difficult to set everything to the right volume.

We run all of the instruments and vocals through our PA. Our audio engineer controls all of the levels and EQs, meaning that the performance will sound excellent and that the band is free to do what they do best.

So, this is what we offer:

2 x 15-inch speakers

AND 2 x 18-inch subwoofers

AND a sound engineer.

Our PA is powerful enough to cater for up to 300 guests: it's better to run a powerful system at a lower volume than to push a small system to its limits.

4. Do you provide lighting?

Lighting can really set the mood at a wedding. The types of bands mentioned in question two don't really bother with lighting. However, the thing that drives Polysonic Music is the desire to provide quality entertainment. We bring lighting for the stage and the dance floor. The stage lighting can be set up to match the color scheme of your wedding reception.

Now, over to you!

If you like the sound of what Polysonic Music offers, get in touch! Feel free to contact us even if you're not interested--we'd be more than happy to put you onto some brilliant musicians around Melbourne.

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